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“I believe that work should be defined not only by its ability to earn a living, but its ability to make you feel alive. Whether it’s starting a new career, building a business or simply making a difference in the world, the golden thread is about connecting what you do with how you want to live.”

~ Kari Peters


Kari Peters is a researcher, international keynote speaker, creator of the ALIVE  Formula and qualified coach, with over 18 years of corporate experience in research, building, launching, growing and optimizing online businesses. She has led tech teams and worked with some of the world’s biggest e-commerce, media and financial brands.

After surviving breast cancer at 29, Kari climbed off the career ladder to reassess where she was going and what it means to be alive. It was only after reaching her career goal, that she realized it was the wrong one. Escaping the rat race again, Kari launched her own successful research and coaching company. Having found her mission to help women start a new career or build the right business, she qualified as a coach and coaches individuals, corporate groups and leadership teams.

Kari has also developed a stress management and mentorship program for Today, Kari works alongside individuals and businesses to inspire them to take charge of their life, career and business by designing their own success. Kari’s guidance will change the way you live and work.


Hi, I’m Kari Peters, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

Why I chose to become a career coach.

Some people say I chose to become a career coach. I think that it chose me. But it took trial and error to discover my mission.

I grew up in South Africa where I was taught that a university education and corporate job were the vehicles to success. When I landed a job at a world famous magazine brand, I thought I was on my way. But that would soon change.

I spent the next few years doing what I thought I should, but as I climbed the career ladder, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there must be more to life. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29.

I didn’t know how much time I had left, but my life hadn’t turned out as expected and I knew I had an important decision to make. I could either sleepwalk through the rest of my life, hoping to find success that feels right, or I could take responsibility for my life and choose to be truly alive in work and life. There was really only one choice. Live!

Since I’d begun to believe that work should not only be about making a living, but also about doing what makes you feel alive, I was determined to find my purpose.

Over the next 10 years, I researched two of the biggest decisions we make in life:

  • What we want to do to earn a living.
  • How we want to live.

If like me, you’ve ever struggled to decide what to do next, hoping that it would be your path to success, maybe you’ll be able to relate. Choosing the right direction for you, that satisfies both goals at the same time, isn’t easy! That’s what led me to develop The Alive Career Change Formula that I use and teach today. What began as my struggle, became my mission, and that passion ignited a spark that has become a movement.

Just before dying, I’ve heard many people say that they wished they’d had the courage to live. To live a life true to who they were, and not the life that others had expected from them.

The thing about being truly alive is that it’s not that much different to being yourself. You’re already living, but are you truly alive? You’re already you, but are you being true to yourself.

Many of us try to define our identity through a process of elimination and often, in a career, that means trying to be who we’re not. Seeking validation on the outside.

Here’s the thing…your value is not determined by others. Your value is knowing who you are. What makes you unique.

What makes you feel alive!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people make the right choice, improving their lives and careers for the better – feeling alive.