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Imagine you are already living your dream. What does your life look like? If you knew how to get there, would your life be better? Would you be healthy, happy and free? How about your career and business? Would they be a thriving success? If your answer is "Yes!", you're in the right place.

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My philosophy is that you already possess the resources you need to live your best life, you deserve to live your dream, there is a path that will make you shine and deep down, you already know how to get there. That's why I'm here! My mission is to help you ignite your own inner compass.

Life Design Revolution Challenge

Anyone can start a new job or business, but very few people will be happy. What’s the difference between most people and the select few who find a fulfilling and sustainable path? This is your chance to find out how to change your career, start a business and design the life you want in a six week, life transforming challenge. Get More Info >>
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At some stage during our lives, most of us experience these niggling questions about the work that we do: Is this it? There must be more to life? What was I born to do? How can I find more meaningful and fulfilling work? Which direction should I choose? How can I break free from the […]  Read More

The Secret to Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Colin Wright is a blogger, author of How to Travel Full Time, lifestyle entrepreneur and traveler. Every four months, he moves to a new country and his readers decide where he goes. Colin’s idea behind this extreme lifestyle experiment is to change his lifestyle over a period of time and open his eyes to new […]  Read More

Does Success Equal Happiness? The Happy Secret to Better Work

Although my gran always told me that happiness lies within, it took burn-out, a move across the world and six rounds of chemotherapy for the penny to drop. In that space where I had time to reflect, I realised that I’d been working myself into the ground, hoping that once I felt successful, I’d be […]  Read More


Leonora Redelinghuys
Kari’s guidance allowed us to incorporate smart, research-tested principles into our business. She also has a natural ability to build people up around her
Andre de Wet
Working with Kari brings real results. She has a feel for what works, what converts and how to correctly implement. Recommending her work is a real pleasure
Mika Stuttaford
Kari is a mediapreneural mentor for women. Her expertise combined with her professionalism and personal touch brings out the best in people. The inspiration you will gain from her will keep you motivated for years to come!